Anonymous said: what's your Youtube account?

It’s here but let me warn you the stuff on there isn’t exactly high quality


I guess if anyone’s gonna be missing for two days and turn up just fine, it’s Stiles.

make me choose | ygritte or talisa
"How could he explain Ygritte to them? She’s warm and smart and funny and she can kiss a man or slit his throat"



i need to finish cleaning my room and put a new mattress on my bed but i want to lie in bed and watch movies and ugh

Anonymous said: would you/have you smoke dank kush?


Anonymous said: horry sheeit I haven't been on your blog for a while but i just did again and youe music is 10/10 would listen

you are 10/10 would definitely hug

Team Handsome

Parrish, Stilinski & Hale


Scott attended Derek’s class on stalking etiquette 101 

Hermione through the years


"She will never love you. Not the way you want."